So, here are the hottest pictures of Cher when she was younger and let me tell you that sexy pictures of Cher aren't hard to come by.

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When you talk about true icons in the entertainment industry, you have to talk about Cher.

Singer, songwriter, actress, fashion designer, fashion icon, sex icon, author, producer, director, you name it and Cher has done it. Rising to stardom with her husband, Sonny as one half the folk rock outfit Sonny and Cher, Cher's star began to burn even brighter when the duo hosted the enormously (ENORMOUSLY) popular in the 1970's.

Star Wars fans may think that he is actually a good guy who just wants the fall of the First Order, just like what the Resistance wants.

And the new combined force may actually succeed in taking down the First Order in Star Wars: Episode 8.

This iconic cerveza, which has always been one that Latinos globally have enjoyed and respected for years, now has a familiar face to represent it!

Launching on-air today and starring Academy-award winner Benicio Del Toro, Heineken is unveiling a new global marketing campaign (the largest in its history) called ‘There’s More Behind The Star’ - highlighting Heineken’s family-owned heritage, original taste (3 all-natural ingredients) and international appeal (available in 192 countries!

Natalie (from Mexico) joined Latin Times back in 2014 and she is all about pop culture and entertainment.

She also has a genetic love for food and traveling.

In the beginning of the Star Wars: Episode 8, he may approach the Resistance for a collaboration against the First Order.

Now, during this time, viewers will actually root for his character.

Cher has won an Academy Award and has also sold hundreds of millions of records worldwide. So, it's safe to safe that there is nobody quite like Cher.