Dismiss any companion you may have before or after installing this mod to ensure they get out of the old follower alias and into the new.

You do not need to edit any NPC's or do anything extra for this to work, you just install the plugin and you should be able to talk to any follower and recruit them as normal with the exception you wont be told you already have a follower unless you reach the 100 follower limit.

Please read the update description regarding the version you are updating to before updating.

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Cicero uses an alias to acquire his follower-like packages, the initiates actually have their packages directly on the NPC.

What I could do is re-route their commands to my system, but I would have to significantly raise the quest priority of Follower Extension so that my packages will override his.

Pretty much any other companion limit modification script.

It will conflict with the follower tweak that makes 10 followers possible that is floating around, it does a similar thing but I wrote my own methods that can scale by an array so making 100 possible wasn't far off.

The limit is controlled by a global variable now rather than a static one or zero.

Example: Set Player Follower Maximum to 5(2) If you are experiencing a problem with a particular follower, for example: You have all the dialogue options as if they are following you, but aren't really following you, things like "Wait Here, Follow Me, It's time for us to part ways" this means that they are stuck in the follower system.Cicero and the Initiates don't technically use the vanilla system at all, they have their own method of "Follow" "Wait" and "Dismiss" they only set or unset the vanilla variable to determine if you already have a follower.Also meaning they won't respond to those corresponding menu commands.The only way to completely rid them of their bad system would be to "duplicate" the effects of my system on their aliases, or completely rid them of their system and just plain add them to mine, which would mean editing the actual DBInitiate NPC.If I wanted to rid them of their system I would have to Edit the Darkbrotherhood quest Alias to not use the DBCicero packages Edit the "QF_DBEviction_0006F9A5" script to not use their variables and use my system to dismiss Edit the "companionshousekeeping" (Critical) script to dismiss them appropriately and not use their variables Edit the DBInitiate NPC's to not use their packages anymore If I wanted to duplicate my features onto their system I would basically have to do everything twice, once for my system, and once for the DB followers as they would use different aliases.(L - Lower than Vanilla, H - Higher than Vanilla)f Follow Space Between Followers - 64 (L) - Should shorten the single file follower lengthf Follower Spacing At Doors - 256 (H)f AIDistance Teammate Draw Weapon - 0 (L) - Turns off Drawing Weapons when you dof Sand Box Search Radius - 8192 (H) - Should allow sandboxing to reach out to objects further awayi Friend Hit Combat Allowed - 10 (H) - Allows you to hit your friends up to 10 times before hostilei Number Actors Allowed To Follow Player - 100 (H) - Not sure if this does anything, used to be 6i Number Actors In Combat Player - 100 (H) - Not sure if this even does anything, used to be 20i Ally Hit Non Combat Allowed - 30 (H) - Should allow you to smack around your followers 30 times before hostile Recommended Horse Mod: Convenient Horses Instead of speaking to your followers through dialogue, a menu will popup with a number of available features, this menu can be turned off and you can still access the same functions through the dialogue.