When you click on one of the columns, its properties are listed in the pane on the right.

From the Item Style property you can set formatting properties for the items of the column, such as how the data should be horizontally aligned, or if the data should be displayed in a bold font.

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Figure 12 The lower left-hand corner lists the columns in the Grid View.

From this dialog box you can adjust the ordering of the columns or remove or add columns altogether.

The text in the header of each column matches the Data Source field names exactly, like Product Name (without a space between Product and Name), whereas it would make more sense to display it as Product Name or perhaps just Product.

We also might want to have the Unit Price column formatted as a currency, and have its data right-aligned.

If you want to adjust the Grid View column appearances—such as formatting the data as a currency or center-aligning the data—simply click the Edit Columns link from the Grid View's Smart Tag.

This will display a dialog box listing all of the Grid View's columns and their properties (see Figure 12).For example, to have the Unit Price column formatted as a currency, I set the Data Format String property to .Figure 13 shows a screenshot of a formatted Grid View displaying data from the Products table.In this section we'll look at how to format the Grid View through properties that can be set through the Designer, how to format based upon the actual data bound to the Grid View, and how to use skins to alter the appearance of the Grid View. NET 1.x, the Grid View contains a wealth of properties that can be set to gussy up the appearance of the Grid View.Properties such as Back Color, Font, and Fore Color allow you to dictate the aesthetics for the entire Grid View.Description: An exception occurred while processing your request.