ariana grande and matt bennett dating Uploaded: 2015-02-16 they have been dating now ship.

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Grande and Bennett share one steamy kiss before the comet hits, and everything is destroyed. The Nickelodeon alum got fans hyped up about the music video by posting teasers on her Instagram page and you know what? Watch the music video for “One Last Time” below:[jwplayer mediaid=”54796″]Grande is obviously not the only one excited for the mini reunion.

Landis has tweeted about “One Last Time” over the past two months. There you have it on the latest news about Ariana Grande.

Bennett claims "it's a concept album about my parents divorce where every song is inspired by different Robin Williams movies." It is set to be released on June 10, 2016.

In March 2013 it was announced that Bennett would host a web series for the You Tube channel Nerdist.

So we did, and most of the movie is what we filmed.

So I feel like 20% is scripted but the rest is all real." The Virginity Hit was produced by Funny or Die founders Will Ferrell and Adam Mc Kay; in an interview with MTV News, Bennett stated that reception towards the film has been "very positive...

Bennett starred in The Virginity Hit, released in October 2010.

Described as a "documentary style comedy," Bennett stated in an interview that the film's "directors gave us cameras in our spare time, and he said do pranks, talk amongst yourselves, do things and film that.

Bennett independently released an EP of songs that he wrote, Warm Fuzzies, on May 20, 2012.

On February 2, 2016, Bennett made a Snapchat press conference announcement about his new album Terminal Cases.

He shared the entire process of the shoot from its conceptual development to the actual filming. What do you think of the music video for “One Last Time”? For more movie updates, follow Movie News Guide (MNG) on Facebook and Twitter.