For those who don’t know about the NFL, Antonio Cromartie played for ten years and made it the Pro Bowl four times—so he was a relative star.However, it’s safe to say that at 32, his glory days are behind him.

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I questioned whether it was just an anomaly or a sign of things to come Well…now we’re a month into the season and the NFL ratings are still down.

Take a look at the ratings for week four (as compared to last year at this time): These numbers show that week one was no accident—fans are boycotting the NFL.

Their displeasure is a real thing and not just a momentary fad.

The hash tags, the online commentary…they highlight the American public’s discontent with the NFL product and its players.

The family attended the Nickelodeon Kids' Choice Awards in Los Angeles in 2014 In the works: The couple, who've been married since 2008, are reportedly now working on a book about blended families, as well as a new reality show.

Brian Logan is a writer that spends more than half of the year traveling abroad.

Kaepernick has spurned a series of #Banthe NFL hashtags, inspired people to burn his jersey on You Tube, and he recently won the “NFL’s Most Hated” award.

The incident has picked up so much speed that ESPN has dedicated several sessions to the Kaepernick controversy (AKA, damage control).

, the Indianapolis Colts released Antonio Cromartie.

The release came just two days after Cromartie took a knee during the National Anthem to protest racism in America.

Some people will say Cromartie was released because of the team’s record.