lol Then just go with the one that works best for you #winkyface Hang out with Ox, Dragon, Snake, Monkey, you’ll get along well.Tiger, Dog, Boar or another Rat will also provide good company.There are 12 zodiacal animal signs in Chinese calendar and people born under each animal sign have different characteristics and personalities.

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On en profite également pour rappeler que les réservations ne durent qu'une semaine et qu'il n'est possible d'en effectuer qu'une seule à la fois. Si vous souhaitez réserver un avatar, si vous avez posté un pv, ou encore si on a oublié de vous ajouter au bottin, les codes ci-dessous sont à poster à la suite. les ▲ mènent vers le profil du compte tandis que les ▼ conduisent à la fiche du scénario s'il s'agit de l'un d'eux.

Donc pas besoin de mettre deux fois le lien de votre scénario (ou de votre profil) dans vos codes.

DOGS INCLUDE: JR (GOT7) - September 22, 1994 Jackson (GOT7) - March 28, 1994 J-Hope (BTS) - 18 February 1994 Rap Monster (BTS) - 12 September 1994 Aiba Masaki (Arashi) – 24 December 1982 Sakurai Shou (Arashi) – 25 January 1982 Ray (C-Clown) – April 19, 1994 Dongho (U Kiss) – June 29, 1994 Niel (Teen Top) – Aug 16, 1994 Sohyun (4minute) – Aug 30, 1994 Suzy (Miss A/Actress) – Oct 10, 1994 Stick with emotionally and artistically guided signs of the Rabbit and Sheep- beware the Snake!

Find More Art Daily Deviations Critiques Critiqueable=2) ?

DRAGONS INCLUDE: Kashiyuka (Perfume) – 23 December 1988 Kevin (ZE: A) – Feb 23, 1988 Hwang Juwon (AA) – Mar 15 , 1988 Taeyang (Big Bang/Solo Singer) – May 18, 1988 Nichkhun (2PM/Actor) – June 24, 1988 Alexander (Former U Kiss/Solo Singer) – July 29, 1988 G Dragon (Big Bang/Solo Singer) – Aug 18, 1988 Nocchi (Perfume) – 20 February, 1989 Jia (Miss A) – Feb 3, 1989 Nishino Kana (Solo Artist) - 18 March 1989 Daesung (Big Bang) – April 26, 1989 Ailee (Solo Singer/Actress) – May 30, 1989 Tiffany (SNSD) – Aug 1, 1989 Jokwon (2AM/Solo Singer) – Aug 28, 1989 Hyunseung (Beast) – Sept 3, 1989 Henry Lau (Super Junior M) – Oct 11, 1989 Yuri (SNSD/Actress) – Dec 5, 1989 Onew (Shinee) – Dec 14, 1989 The Tiger and Dog are fellow idealists and will provide good relationships, the Rat is its exact opposite.

HORSES INCLUDE: Bora (Sistar) – Jan 30, 1990 Xiumin (EXO-M) – Mar 26, 1990 Lee Kikwang (Beast/Actor) – Mar 30, 1990 Jonghyun (Shinee) – April 8, 1990 Luhan (EXO-M) – April 20, 1990 Hanbyul (LED Apple) – July 4, 1990 Rome (C-Clown) – Sept 6, 1990 Minwoo (ZE: A) - Sept 6, 1990 Jay Chou - Jan 18, 1979 Also concerned with their senses, Rabbit and Boar will provide allies- beware the Ox!

When my world goes crazy, you're right there to save me. #LOVE #PAST #TAEAH that I will do better, that they did not raise a quitter, that I did not come here to cower like a circus animal and die at their feet, that I will climb their fucking mountain, that this will not destroy me.

#BFF #COUSIN #LOVE #XOXO TAEHYUN ♡♡♡ You disappeared like fog, our memories became a nightmare like scattering dust. she is the first beautiful thing you have seen in a long time.

in a world of gunpowder and bullet holes, she is like a breath of fresh air.

it doesn’t matter if it’s true or not anymore, you would’ve looked God in the eye and said the exact same thing : not. you can paint masterpieces with the blood that you’ve spilled, it’s all over your hands, you’re wading in it, a cesspool of all your sins, and she is nearing the edge, that pale skin of hers ready to be stained.

You can test your compatibility using the following Chinese zodiac compatibility chart below.