Sell more - globally Jennifer Roberts, on behalf of Ekipa is offering its exclusive Intercultural Sales Cycles workshop covering all aspects of selling, fulfilling projects, and customer service based on real examples of interactions across cultures.We’ll start with the major differences between your culture and that of USA/UK/EUR clients - those one, that affect your sales.These strengths and weaknesses can also affect the individual in social situations and in private environments.

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A single person can have a set of strengths and weaknesses.

While the strengths may be beneficial in the workplace, weaknesses can prevent the person from doing the job successfully.

I heard my knee pop and had to make the decision to continue or not. He said I could keep going as long as I was not experiencing pain while walking, but I should avoid going up stairs, as that tended to aggravate my knee.

Thankfully, I was able to continue (and walked the remaining 200 miles), but I was ready to cut the trip short if the doctor told me to come home.

Then we’ll take you through every aspect of a complete project sales and fulfillment cycle, from marketing, to sales, to fulfillment, and ongoing customer support.

~Benjamin Disraeli I recently walked on the Camino de Santiago in northern Spain, and it took me about 37 days to cover the 450 miles.Their stubbornness caused further injury, which was a very high cost.I, myself, suffered an injury during my travails one day.The only time I saw anyone quit the Camino was because of physical injury.Other than that, there just was no alternative but to continue on.While walking, I had plenty of time to think about how this experience related to business and found numerous parallels I will be sharing with you over the next few weeks.