Milan also sees over 6 million tourists a year, with many flocking to the Santa Maria Delle Grazie to view the variety of Leonardo Da Vinci murals, including the original "Last Supper." (via) At nearly 5 million inhabitants, St.Petersburg is the northernmost large city in the world, and one of the largest cities on this list, though still smaller than Moscow.It is one of Norway and Europe’s key ports for tourism, given its proximity and access to the famous fjords of the region.

(via) True to form, Rotterdam, the second largest city in the Netherlands, behind Amsterdam at 618,467 people, is also a port.

In fact, its location as the travel and trade nexus of the continent has earned it the nickname “Gateway to Europe.” Rotterdam is also home to the Erasmus University Rotterdam of international acclaim, with its business courses ranking in the top 10 both in Europe and worldwide.

A humble fishing village during feudal times, today it is the hub for Nissan Motor Company and several major Japanese technology and shipping conglomerates.

(via) At 119,230 people over 14.4 square miles, Cork may not be the biggest second city on the list, but with a nickname like “The Rebel City” it might be one of the most badass.

It's also famous for a number of native species and their products, including mohair from the long-haired Angora goat, fur from Angora rabbits, Muscat grapes, and the Turkish Angora cat.

(via) On the western coast of Norway, 278,000 people form the city of Bergen.

(via) As the capital city of Ecuador, Quito is home to 2,671,191 people as of 2014 (considerably behind the 3.75 million people of Guayaquil).

9,350 feet above sea level, Quito stands as the world’s highest official capital city, and the historic center there was one of the world’s first UNESCO cultural heritage sites.

The city has quite a variety traditions, including special ways to prepare what some Westerners might view as leftover waste from the butchering process, such boiled pigs feet (crubeens), and intestines paired with blood sausage (tripe and drisheen).

(via) The fifth largest city of the Nordic countries, Gothenburg, Sweden, is home to over half a million people and one of the largest football tournaments in the world, the Gothia Cup.

(via) London, Paris, Milan—the trio of famous European fashion footholds of which Milan stands out as the only second city.