He began pumping her roughly and soon Karen began to come.

She cried out loudly but her cries were soon muffled when Mark pulled out his cock and thrust it into her mouth. Sensing himself coming, he thrust deep into her and filled her pussy while Mark flooded her mouth with come. After her mind-blowing orgasm, Karen just hung on the chains gasping as the two men kept on filming her, with her hair matted with sweat and with come dripping down her chin and her thighs.

But she had always tried to be nice to all her colleagues, male or female, and they all seemed to be happy with her. She followed Amy to the gym where the girl entered a store room. "Oh, oh, y-yes, I-I like that..." "So do you want to come? Oh, oh God." "Good, now that you've said it, I'm going to give you a chance to come." He then took out a strap-on dildo and attached it to Karen. As the base of the dildo rubbed on her clit, Karen's entire body stiffened and she let out a moan of pleasure. Good, now here we go." Together the two men unattached Karen's cuffs from the posts. She just let the two men grabbed her arms and led her out of the room to the adjoining one. " Her eyes opened wide as she saw who was waiting for her. She also notice a video cam in a corner of the room pointing towards the table, and there's also a camera on the floor. Steve and Mark made her stood between Amy's wide-spread legs. Here Miss Johnston, have a little fun with your student..." With Mark holding her, Steve grabbed the strap-on and guided it into Amy's defenseless pussy, drawing a moan from the girl. She fought hard against the urge to start pumping, but then Mark grabbed her hips, pulled them back and then pushed them forward. "Oh, Miss Johnson, oh, oh," the student moaned in reply.

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One minute ago the junior was still talking back to her, but as soon as detention was mentioned, she was practically on her knees. Miss Johnson," the girl pleaded, "give me a chance! But somehow she just had to create some problems during class, like getting into a fight with the guy sitting next to her, or keep forgetting to do her home work, that kind of thing (she did both of that today). The ointment was really having an effect on her and now she was really dying to come.

The school had a good reputation, and the colleagues were friendly--especially the male ones, which is not surprising, given that Karen was a pretty brunette with a nice figure. As she didn't notice Karen, Karen decided to stay behind to find out walk the girl was up to. "Shut up and try this." Steve grabbed the strap-on and twisted it, pressing it onto Karen's pussy. " By now Karen could already tell what the two men had in mind. She was breathing hard, and her face was blushing and covered with sweat, while her breasts were still red from the slapping. " Karen lurched forward, thrusting the dildo deep into her student's pussy, drawing a moan from both the girl and herself. " She gasped as she began to pump faster and faster.

Synopsis: A young teacher discovers a sinister secret of her two colleagues and is forced into becoming their sex slave. Now, go back to your seat." Karen signed as she watched Amy going back to her seat.

Things soon turn from bad to worse and she is enslaved by yet more of her colleagues and even some of her students. Karen was really surprised at the effect the word "detention" had on Amy. Her job at this school had been going really well for the past two months, and she felt really lucky that she could find a post here as her first job. Even Amy, who had a reputation for being a trouble student, was actually quite bright. Weakness swept her over as Steve grabbed the strap-on and pressed it against her pussy again.

Amy was also untied and was led to Karen by a leash and a leather collar on her neck.

"C'mon, Amy, you know what to do," Steve said as he unattached her leash, leaving the collar on. With the two men filming and taking pictures again, Amy climbed on top of Karen and began kissing her face gently, licking the come off her chin."Now," Steve said as he began caressing her breasts, "are you going to be a good girl and do what we say? At this, Steve stopped fondling her breasts and, with a swung of his arm, slapped them with his full strength. " "Pl-please, I want to come, oh, please, f-fuck me, fuck me...aaaaa Ah!" He laughed as he felt her nipples hardened quickly in his fingers. " Karen cried out as Steve grabbed her hips and buried his cock in her pussy with one deep thrust.But as she began she started to feel of dizzy, and before she could figure out what's going on she blacked out and collapsed on Mark's desk. She was in an empty room, probably one of the store rooms behind the gym, and standing spread-eagled between two posts. But the itching at her pussy was getting stronger and stronger, and despite herself it began to get wet. Soon they were red and her voice was getting weaker and weaker. " Finally, she pleaded, "I can't take this anymore! Karen cried out in pain, but Steve ignored her and pinched it again. " "Good," Steve said, "now look at the camera and tell us who you are and what you have done! I f-forced her to have sex with me, oh, oh," despite her humiliation, Karen couldn't help moaning when Steve's fingers returned to her slit.Her wrists and ankles were cuffed and chained to hooks on the posts, pulling her arms and legs taut, and she couldn't help letting out a moan from the pain. She wanted to wriggle so much that in fact she was a bit grateful that the chains were so tight so that she was not put on such a humiliating show for the two men. With her body tightly chained, her 36C breasts took the full force of his blow. When he grabbed the other one and was about to pinch both of them, she gave in. " Sobbing with shame and humiliation, Karen looked up to face the camera. " "M..name is K--Karen Johnson and..I am a sl--slut..." "So what have you done, slut? "Now isn't that rather immoral for a teacher to do? I b-beg you M-mister Simpson and mister Howard to take me as your s-slave and p-punish me and u-use me in any way you w-want...please..." "Good, and what do you want now?As she was on her way to the classroom, she was surprised to see Amy in the playground. She could see Amy inside, talking to Steve Howard, the PE teacher. " said Steve, "well Amy, you know what that means." "Yes, sir" Amy answered meekly. She gave in as Mark grabbed her hips and pushed her forward again. Closing her eyes, she fucked her student with abandonment. She moaned loudly and, as far as her bondage would allow her, she lifted her head up and tried to kiss her teacher. " Karen cried out desperately when Mark grabbed her hips and stopped her from fucking Amy.