We are also working to have the registration system in place with this interim system so people can “own” their screen names.

There are many different ways to deploy this, and I am not sure how will be best.

We are working on the new flash based chat room system, it is coming together nicely, with lots of cool new features.

It is missing a few key ingredients unfortunately, and we are working on that.

jamegar found that user avatars may only show for firfox users, not IE or safari when entered from forums pic.

The anchor to stop the scroll does not stop 100% The custom “emotes” do not work the same either.

There are a few major losses with the new system however.

Join free online chat rooms and chat with friends, meet new people and more.When someone pms you, there is no setting to auto-pop, or auto – open a new tab; you will have to find their name in the list and right click to pm them back, which will open a new tab.There is no “eye button” that allows you to see all people in all the rooms list.With the new system moderators should have a much easier time banning the spammers.This will make the room better for all of our users.I often have trouble with having multiple pms open with the older system.