There is also street parking all around the Deep Center.What I want I want to submit, even though I am terrified of loosing control I want you even though you are supposed to be off limits I want to watch him fuck her with all of the abandon usually reserved for me I want to be filled with your cock while I pleasure him I want to see her head between your thighs as I touch myself I want to be free of the shackles of my inhibitions I want her, but only on my terms How can I be a good girl, if I want so many bad things?The local constabulary are very good on this front, and if any problems do develop, they are very quickly stamped on.

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The whole of Ibiza town is that friendly, it is difficult to know what is friendly and what is cruising.

There are a number of areas that attract guys who - • like their outdoors activity, • need to escape from the boyfriend for a quick, uncomplicated, fiddle about, or • are just two tight to buy a drink in a bar.

(Don't interfere, they will turn on you.) If you do meet the body of your dreams, you do not have to do anything that you do not want to. Know what you are looking for, and do not take any risks, you are supposed to be enjoying yourself on holiday.

If you get into something that is going too far, excuse yourself and leave ('I need to go for a piss' usually works, 'I need to go for a shit' should also ensure that they don't follow you - if they do... Take your own condoms (and 'you are respectfully requested' - by the Ibiza authorities - 'to take all litter home with you').

This area is frequented all year round, and is ridiculous in summer...

If you haven't been there before, go and enjoy the view during the day.

Don't take valuables, personal stereos, wallets, watches, etc. If there is any trouble out there, try not to make yourself a target.

If you are off of your face, go to a club instead, or if you must go, take someone with you. There are three main cruising areas in Ibiza (unless you know different.) All carry less risk than anywhere else in Europe, but can present their own particular problems. You will get eaten alive at night.) The dirt track that continues from Calle Ramon Muntaner out of Figueretas leads to the side entraces to Dalt Villa.

Easier still not to give a damn about what the locals might think, seeing two men at it on 'The Ramparts' at four in the morning.