An independent mother of three, plus a jungle savvy Green Beret, take on the remote wetlands of Guyana.

Competing with monkeys and rats for food, it's a daily struggle not only to survive, but to understand each other. Avid outdoorsman Trenton and novice survivalist Jen take on high elevation in the peaks of Udhampur, India.

With relentlessly cold nights and an unexpected wildfire, their chances of surviving the 21-day challenge might go up in flames.

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But with each sleepless bug-filled night tensions between them mount, and in the end, the greatest threat to their survival might be each other.

Paolo and Kristin are using the primitive survival skills they learned before the challenge to get food, water, fire, and more.

Two survivalists take on the hot and hellish conditions of Guyana's equatorial savannah.

Slammed from day one by the heat, they battle debilitating health issues, a team dynamic breakdown, critical survival malfunctions and a psychological decline.

will the survivalists win or lose to this perilous coastline?