Conservatives on the Greene County Republican Party Central Committee turned their back on Portman on Thursday.” The group choose Don Eckhart, a self-described Christian conservative from Franklin County who opposes gay marriage, because Portman announced his support for same-sex marriage in 2013 after his son revealed he is gay.Tom Sawyer and others on the A-list of Summit County Democrats are expected to announce their support in the March primary for P.

“Mandel, a Republican who was reelected treasurer in 2014, lost to Brown in a very heated campaign in 2012.” What the Democrats said: Jake Strassberger, spokesman for the Ohio Democratic Party, released a statement in response to Mandel's move."With three years left in his term as treasurer, Josh Mandel is once again more interested in furthering his own political career than doing his job, from hiring back his cronies and giving them raises to using the treasurer's office to talk about issues that have nothing to do with the job taxpayers pay him to do, to his monthly trips to Washington, D.

C., Josh Mandel remains someone we can't trust." As a reminder: Brown beat Mandel in 2012 despite more than $60 million spent against him.

What else Kasich had to say: Responding to the question “What has this race taught you?

What I’ve always done works.” The Republican also said he doesn’t think he can beat frontrunner Donald Trump in New Hampshire.

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One night hence, he will barely make it into the prime-time debate.

Rob Portman, R-Ohio, will have no trouble securing the GOP nomination in the March 15 primary,” Dispatch reporter Randy Ludlow reports.

Those polls—which may, in fact, be unreliable; nobody really knows—have been showing the same thing for months: Trump in the lead nationally, unwaveringly, toweringly, and by a double-digit margin.