The fire-sale on sex services does not include luxury escorts.

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They have become much harder, as they have in most other professions.

Clients are more demanding and want everything at cheaper and cheaper prices.

Am wealthy with love, patience and yummy friendly, but not money and materials things or power.

For some time now in Switzerland, sex workers and prostitutes working in the streets or in massage parlors and salons have noticed that clients invariably haggle over the price of sexual services – and to an increasingly aggressive degree.

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In Ticino hundreds of professional sex workers were interviewed in the context of a study done in collaboration with the Interdisciplinary Center for Sex Research in Genoa.

The big problem (for the prostitutes) is that sex workers can hold up their prices.

With the integration of Switzerland into the European Union through the bilateral accords and the influx of foreign sex workers, supply has outstripped demand and clients are discovering that commercial sex in Switzerland is becoming cheaper by the day.

In the French part of Switzerland – Geneva, Lausanne, Neuchatel, Yverdon, and parts of the Valais and Fribourg— the prices of sexual services are practically in free-fall.

Some nasty wags have claimed that the ranks of prostitutes in Switzerland have been swelled by Norwegians and Swedes – Following Sweden, Norway has recently decided to jail the johns, criminalizing the purchase of sex in an excess of feminist righteousness.