just e-mail us about your idea(s) and we guarantee it'll be done within 2 days time. With all that Anime Kingdom has to offer you are sure to not be dissappointed! (Making The Band) in which several people will compete to be featured on thetemple theme and another song to be written and performed by YOU!!! ALSO we're expanding our av selection and by the time you read this we should be offering music also. Palace Address: thetemple.palacebox.com:9998 Finally, after many changes inside and out. The staff at Forgotten Lies are awesome, helpful and will be there when you page them! We have an RP area,new and original bg's and avatars and a freindly staff. Of course people we see frequenting the pally more will be first in line for positions, so come get aqcuainted with the staff and guests and put in ya app. The backgrounds at the pally are awesome, and you anime lovers out there will like them. Palace Address: cx:9998 Forgotten Lies, a new pally where people of all ages can just chill and hangout.

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Help Wanted Exhale Palace is in the midst of its grand opening, but we still need help. If you pass you will receive an actual application. Instead of piling avatars into a few prop rooms, we've made it so you can see exactly what type of prop you can be shopping for. We have lots of games for people to play, ranging from solo games to multiplayer games. We're also hiring so come sign an application and get hired. Palace Address: thugzandthuggettz.dyndns.org:9998 This palace is for any body.. and might don't know about this palace and and i want them to know about it.. Everyone is welcomed, the young, the old, those new to palace and those that have been here awhile. *Smiles* Palace Address: Website: Vamps has become one of the biggest and most popular punk/goth clans out there.

Please send an inquiry to Exhale [email protected] will receive a short, simple quiz. Palace Address: exhale.palacehosting.net:9998 What's up everyone? If your looking for a phat place to chill at come and visit Crunchnet! And we also got a great Staff that will help you with any thing you need we are hiring wiz we do not hire all the time just when we need it So come fill out a wiz appl! Palace Address: di.palacebox.com:9997 Stop right there!!!!!! We host many clans such as the famous and "Original" E. What makes this unique from other prop palaces or palaces with prop rooms, is that it gives the shopping type feeling. We have plenty of shops for you to view as we open our doors. Palace Address: palace.propmall.net:9998 Website: GS Ultra Plex is a place where game show fans (or anyone) can come to chat, play games, or just hang out. WE have appartments, clans, makeoutroom, partyrooms, bar, props, and more. a place to play, to relax, to find a quietness within yourself.

Also, we are currently looking for an op who is very good at scripting games. When you come on, Please just go threw your avs so the server can pick them up in the palace server prop file. and everyone is welcome and there are AFI avs, Goths, Wonderkins. We also have a wonderful Nite Klub to kick back in relax or find a quiet place within to have time to yourself. All of our backgrounds are original and all of them have had hard work put into them. Some prop rooms, but the prop guide is need of inspiration and work, so more improvements are going to be in there. This is a place where you can get to know more goths, punk, individuals etc. If you have any questions Please aim me at : x Krazee Cherryx We hope you come to tinker hell and enjoy your stay! Come down to UNDAGROUND and see all the cool stuff we have. If you see there is a song that we don't have and you want it listed in the music room. ist eine kommunikations platform für alle deutschen The Palace User, dort kannst du dich mit leuten die auch im The Palace chatten unterhalten und viel spass haben. Website: to crystalized dreams we have great staff tons of props and more!

If you would like to apply, send an e-mail to [email protected] we'll get back to you. Come get sorted and meet some new people at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. It will help a great deal, and will make some of the avs work more. Don't worry about someone cleaning your house of props, Our staff will gladly propfreeze all the props when your done placing them. We are still building and always adding scripts, rooms and rpgs and a few other things.. For a while I got tired of the palace and of the competition. It inspired me to do more and to improve my palace so that I wanted to go on it, myself. Come visit with us, we are still hiring and new clan members always welcome. We don't want people going to the wrong palace thanks :) Palace Address: xvamps.palaceunlimited.com:9999 Website: are currently Hiring it is not Hosted. Palace Address: Tinker nu:9998 Here at Sparkling Rainbow Illusions, we have avs, houses, parties, pagents, cheer competitions, and major clanhouses. Contact the owner and he will put it up for you ASAP. Palace Address: undaground.servebeer.com:9998 palace is one communication platform for all German The Palace users, there can you talk with other people who like The Palace, too. we have houses clan houses and apartments, also our staff has made lots of awesome bgs!

We got Avs, Apts, Clans, Games, Music, Weddings, And more to come. If you really want 'page to have a house or apartment of your own! We are loaded with friendly staff, 2 full prop guides, prop drops, apts, beach houses, dance club, movie theatre, romantic rooms for couples, international rooms for german and turkish users, exciting chat rooms, beautiful scenery including the most detailed weddings you have ever experienced complete with hall, reception, priest, photographer, limo, and honeymoon. This mall is specifically for those interested in "prop shopping". We're currently hiring, if you're interested please pay us a visit...;) Palace Address: unitedkingdom.fastpalaces.com:9998 Majestic Enchantment..

You can create your own room, or use one of the many rooms we have here. Angels Exotic Dreams and Twisted Angel have merged to bring you the ultimate fashion/fantasy palace. Drop by and say hello to owner Angel of Angels Exotic Dreams and owner Crystal of Twisted Angel! All avs welcome Palace Address: twistedangel.palacebox.com:9997 'Prop Strip Mall' Palace opens its doors to the public... We host many clans..will like to host yours too ; D... Palace Address: ml.fpalace.com:9998 Hey, We want you to know that we have a big variety of avatars from preps to goth to bonitas to silent to thug and more! On an unrelated note, and the Palacetools Directory have been down. We've also added a second pally just for housing..we've expanded to fit your needs. Palace Address: forgottenlies.fastpalaces.com:9998 Looking for a cool place to kick back and chill, Internal Screams is the palace you have been waiting for. We are just now getting our clans up and they're filling up FAST for positions, so you MIGHT want to HURRY and come! So if your favorite palace isn't up yet, it should be soon! Well that about wraps it up, we hope to see you at Forgotten Lies! Forgotten Lies, the truth is remembered, but lies are forgotten.... Palace Address: embrace.palaceunlimited.com:9998 Come to Anime Kingdom the newest and most original anime palace out! Also..shortly we'll be starting freestyle competitions so come flex ya skillz with the best. We're looking for a few good wizzies so come thru and apply. At Forgotten lies you can get an apt, clan or tree house. We have events such as horse shows, av contests, editing contests and more. If you have ever visited Mystic Illusions and wondered what happened to it, the answer is, we started a brand new pally which is much better than last time. We have over 9000 avs now of all sorts and in our Brothel Originals section we have a very unusual collection of avs that you won't find elsewhere so if you are looking for something different, be sure to check it out.