Here what Timbuk2 bag customization looks like: Does customization make money? Amazon and JCPenney offer free shipping if you buy for at least or respectively. All of this has gotten people used to the idea of free shipping.

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[Original Research] Images are good, but everything indicates that video is the future.

Photos have their limitations, video is the next step before actual touching and feeling.

In fact, shipping costs are the main reason why people prefer brick and mortar to online. David Bell, Wharton If you’re afraid that offering free shipping will erode most of the profit in the order, watch this video for a useful strategy to use. In the book “Free“, the author Chris Anderson shares the case of Amazon. While 20 cents IS almost free, it sure didn’t seem that way to people.

Once Amazon implemented the free shipping offer, sales went up in each country except for one – France. Once they changed it to free, sales went up also in France.

There are just too many variables that affect conversions, so its very difficult to have apples to apples comparisons between different sites. You have an ecommerce site with just images, and no product descriptions (I don’t recommend it). gets it right: Extra credit for the “view this in the dressing room” feature. Read all about using images for boosting the conversion rate on my other post here. The longer version should give so much information that the user will not have a single question left.

A good conversion rate to strive for is better than the one you have right now. If I’d have to pick one single thing that would sell a product online, it’s images. The grandfather of boosting ecommerce conversion rates is having high quality photos of your product. Show the products from different angles, in context, make them zoomable. The shorter version should capture the essence: who’s the product for, what will it do and why is that good.In another study 93% of respondents indicated that free shipping on orders would encourage them to purchase more products.High shipping costs were rated as the number one reason why consumers were not satisfied with their online shopping experience. In fact, orders with free shipping average around 30% higher in value those that charge a few bucks for transport. When 2Big Feet introduced free shipping for orders over 0, their conversions went up 50%.Endless sales, Groupon and its clones have trained people to shop cheap.Discount seeking behavior is set to continue, so thinking about having a dedicated “sales” section on your site.If you’re not doing product videos yet, do them for at least part of the inventory and see if it makes a difference.