Most of what is left on Tay's timeline now is attempts at slang, jokes, requests for photos ("er mer gerd erm der berst ert commenting on pics. "), and invitations to direct message with her ("DM me whenev S u want. I feel like it's free reign for people to try to attack," he said.

It may look like Tay understands language, but according to Selman, she likely does not."[Chat bots] have no understanding at all of what they're saying," he said.

As a result, programming in automatic safeguards may be more difficult than it sounds.

Sex chat bots are probably one of the bigger sex tech advancements in recent years. Then there is “Uncensored Sex Chat” and that most likely is what your average guys is going to try.

For example, “Romantic Chat For The Ladies” that has some PG-13 type content but it is still fairly mild.

Tay was created using "relevant public data," artificial intelligence, and editorial content developed by a staff that included improvisational comedians, according to Microsoft.

The intent of the project was "to engage and entertain people where they connect with each other online through casual and playful conversation."Tay was supposed to learn and become more intelligent through conversations with 18 to 24-year-old social media users, which is where the problems began.The bot cannot simply be told to avoid all racist and offensive language because it does not have a sense of what is right or wrong.Selman observed that it is a common phenomenon that when a program like this goes online, people try to figure out how it generates its text and make it say inappropriate things."This particular experience, of course, shows some of the risks," he said. She is an artificial intelligence chat bot designed by Microsoft to communicate with millennials, or as she puts it, "Microsoft's A. Within 24 hours, she was taken offline for "adjustments" after she began spouting racist comments, demands for genocide, and praise for Hitler. "Tay's social media accounts went live on Wednesday morning.As experts say should have been predictable, online trolls inundated Tay's Twitter account with offensive statements and inappropriate questions, often urging her to repeat vulgar comments.