On the one hand, this makes it a lot easier for the moderators, and that would be nice.I also like the automatic redirection to the chat room, and the site-specific threshhold.

"possible duplicates: X, Y, Z" or "meta discussion on this question here").

There are also maybe issues to do with making sure the OP finds out about requests for clarification: will people actually mange to @-notify for exactly the right things in chat? So what if it was made that the owner of the room was the OP?

Right now two users can take a conversation to chat after, I think, three comments from each.

Often they don't, so I don't know if giving people a pre-emptive "create a chat room and go there" option in the comments would help much, but it would be worth some more thought.

Before you can set up automatic chat routing, you need to set up departments.

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One way to assign a chat to a department is to list departments on the Pre-chat form so visitors can select the department they want to chat with. If you'd rather automatically send chats to a certain department based on the visitor's current page, tags, locale, or other information, you can do so using triggers.

Note that on the Basic plan, you are limited to two departments and two triggers.

On the other hand, I would still want to get an auto-flag that this happened, so I could check out what made the discussion go so long, if there was a specific issue that needs to be addressed.