i have already posted the teen on some sites and to sum for "polly" on "random" area. I honestly don't think it's unreasonable to expect consistent, logical moderationespecially from a site claiming "moral-free hosting". They're up (pending, I guess) for three days, get hundreds of views and dozens of favorites, and then they're taken down. There are over one hundred images of Ella Model heremany of them at least a year old (so it's not like the mods haven't gotten to them yet).

I'd like an explanation as to why some (completely non-nude) images of the exact same girl are removed while many, many more are permitted to remain. I don't want to waste my time uploading shit (of girls already all over this site) if some mod is just going to remove them a few days later.

Nude women on cam no tokens-8

This a group to post pictures and videos of Swimmers, yes real swimmers, at swim meets or gym, not those models or fetish type pics. So if you think you she is your girlfriend or your best friend... Thats not her REAL name you call her by, her REAL email you get to send her mails on. 5) Every cent you spend on tokens or coins or whatever ...

There is a niche out there for people who like the candid shots, like me personally. you have never seen her without make up on.met her family ..you probably aren't even good enough to be her FACEBOOK friend.4) If you lost your job tomorrow, she would be gone the next day.. all those tips you send that make you feel like The Man of to get a reaction from her...

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;) Maybe someone with stronger Net Fu can find more because mine is failing me... She is filmed by some weirdo, there are vids of her in the kitchen eating cookies and shit, her wearing a once piece blue bikini etc....me out and hook up with a link, or more shit from her yo :) introducing the 2nd most popular model on My Free Cams for the month of May 2013..."Olvia4naked"What a fucking JOKE!!!

no more sweet flirty emails, or free skype conversations.. "oh, but MY model friend she's not like that...she's real and honest and.." SHUT THE FUCK UP!! to get her attention for that spilt second in a room full of 500 other guys.... If she works in a studio.another 25% goes to the studio owner!i have a ton of ( i say ton, i mean alot) of naked girl pix of several models i worked with some time ago, one is teen, and 24 & non nude lingerie 27.i want to expose the teen, and the 24 yo, completely. I repeat NOTHING to fall back on.3)Your cam model is NOT REAL!!! No pics/vids of girls from magazines modeling them. Bikini, Lingerie, Fashion Models, Celeb Photo shoots, etc. Once they go.'perfect angel on earth' (yes, I have read guys talking like that in cam rooms) will be an ugly old hag with nothing..To make Top10 on that site a model averages over 1,000,000 tokens a month. She just walked home with a cool ,000 (at least).