In the future, I'd rather be able to say that I published the photograph myself and that I'm proud of it.

After what happened last week, finally that photograph doesn't matter to me anymore.

"Those who posted up my photograph have no power over me anymore because my body belongs to me," wrote eighteen year old Hrafnhildur Lára Ingvarsdóttir in a caption to a photograph which she shared on Twitter last week in the #Free The Nipple revolution in Iceland.

Naked iceland girl-74

We swam nearly every day, and the first time I felt compelled to explain ahead of time that you must shower, naked, with soap, before you’re allowed anywhere near an Icelandic swimming pool.

My mother, unsurprisingly, looked a little worried.

She explains the effect this had on her mental wellbeing and how the harassment and shame led to a serious bout of depression. I felt disgusting and was ashamed," she says and adds that she couldn't tell her family what was going on as she was so worried about their response.

She adds that she couldn't confront the girls who she had believed to be her friends.

” asks my mother, on our way to swim at the London Fields Lido swimming pool.

My mother is a native New Yorker born on the island of Manhattan.

I never expected that to happen." Mayor of Reykjavik Dagur B.

Eggertsson has send a message of condolence to Michael Müller, Mayor of Berlin, for the attack on a Christmas market in the German capital yesterday, in which twelve people lost their lives.

A while later a great number of people started contacting Ingvarsdóttir telling her that they'd seen the photo.