I was confused about how phone sex lines still get business.

“It’s seen as no different to being a prostitute,” she said.

For Miller, this taboo is the only thing stopping more women her age from making a great living.

Sometimes they lie to get some more attention, but most of them are serious.

Even if the age and their profile picture never changes during 10 years.

It’s easy to see why: Whether it helps to pay the gas bill or finances your dream home, the taboo around any kind of sex work is still there.

Mistress Susan told me she’d never reveal her second job to her work colleagues, for fear of being fired.

It turns out that making sure the experience is realistic is key: If you can make it feel real, really real, suddenly you’re offering something Porn Hub can’t. She pays her employees around 60 percent of the per minute call charge-more than double what they’d expect to earn working for a big company.

Moss’s mother and other older women tend to make better phone-sex operators perhaps because they’ve seen and heard pretty much everything and little shocks them anymore.

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Abby Moss writes about how the phone sex business works, using the experience of her mother who needed money and had failed at many attempts to get a ‘normal’ job.