“I've been married for 17 years and I don't have conversations like this with my husband. Kik, shrouded in anonymity, can be a safe haven for child predators to target victims, Sellers said.Sydney was chatting with at least three men and blocked one of them when he became too aggressive.It didn't affect her school performance, it didn't alter her relationship with her boyfriend, and it didn't affect her relationship with us.

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By day, the Alabama 14-year-old was an honors student, a taekwondo black belt and a loving daughter who served in the family church.

But at night, she stayed up to have kinky online chats with strangers, struggled with self-cutting and was victimized by merciless school bullies, her mother said.

We just really didn't know what was going on except that our daughter was on the floor in her bedroom dead, and it didn't make any sense.” Slowly, the family learned more about what was going on in Sydney’s life leading up to her death.

The funeral home told the Sellers family to pick out a dress that would cover Sydney’s thighs, which were covered in scars from six months of self-harm.

A day after Sydney died, one of the three sent another haunting message: “I'm so sorry you did that. I love you.” “I don't think she understood these were grown men and they were grooming her,” Sellers said.

“They were moving into the 'I really want to meet you phase.'” She continued: “Whatever she, and these people, were doing online, it literally had no effect on her daily life.

Her family only learned about her dark secrets after she hanged herself last year, mom Jennifer Sellers told I knew the part of her that she wanted me to know,” Sellers said.

“But as a parent, it never occurred to me there might be more.” Sydney’s December suicide shocked the Pell City family. Sydney was a happy, free-spirited student with a small group of close girlfriends and a “straight-as-an-arrow” boyfriend. The family went to church together filled in the morning — Sydney’s first mass serving as an altar girl — and the 14-year-old spent the afternoon with her boyfriend to celebrate his birthday while the Sellers ran family errands.

Sellers started reading her daughter’s last messages, part of a conversation that was ongoing when the teen died.