In addition, you will receive an addendum at each payment (which will be twice a month), which will clearly specify how much money you earned on each online modeling website with which we collaborate, the percentage that you will receive and all taxes withheld, what each of them means and what is the final amount that you receive from your webcam job. Artistic Department Our studio provides female professional photographers and videographers, for you to be more relaxed during the shootings.

With their help, your profile on webcam modeling websites will look flawless, so you can impress your members with your photo and video gallery. Styling and Relaxation Department For you to keep looking great every working day, a makeup artist will take care of your image.

They take care that the cam girls at Studio 20 have the best ratings, traffic, location, video and audio on all the websites we work with.

With the help of these qualified individuals any problem can be immediately solved. Human Resources Department This is the first department that you will have contact with, here, at Studio 20.

Whatever style you want to adopt at your webcam job (natural, sophisticated or elegant), you'll always have a neat appearance, which will give you self-confidence.

If you feel feminine and beautiful, others will perceive you this way.

Besides the initially signed contract with Studio 20, at each payday, we will issue an addendum, in which we will specify the earnings from each online modeling website for that time period, the percentage that you take, the taxes owed and, finally, the net amount that you will collect, as a result of your webcam job.

You will sign this addendum and you will get a copy.At Studio 20, as part of your webcam job, you’ll have a well trained administrative team with over 15 years of experience in the online modeling industry, modern equipment and a luxurious workspace.Our role is to support you every step in order for you to make a lot of money, which will help you to accomplish your dreams.We are with you for every obstacle you face as a webcam model, to assist you and turn you into the glamor webcam model that can earn over ,000 per month and that can win prestigious international awards. As a Studio 20 webcam model, you will benefit from an employment contract, which complies with all legislation.Every model that signs with To ensure the fairness and transparency, we will sign this contract on your first day of work and you will receive a copy immediately after.It's very important to have the right people that understand your needs and have a lot of experience in this field in order to fulfill them. Management Departament ​It’s formed by a CEO and studio managers who ensure that the entire team works to benefit the webcam models. Training Department This is the most important job as it helps cam models to gain as much useful information as possible for their online modeling activity.