If you like the idea of chatting with total stangers and don’t mind the possibility of getting a bit naughty, then Chat Roulette is not for you.

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It’s free to watch, but the real fun starts when you start earning tokens and interacting with the performers. The first thing you’ll notice when you visit Slut Roulette is how similar it looks to chatroulette.

Unlike chatroulette and omegle, Slut Roulette encourages nudity.

They talked to a Russian guy who was in a dimly lit room; they saw some screaming college kids; they watched a bunch of half-naked men dancing around to Rick Astley and finally (as all New York Times writers must do do), they talked about wine during a webchat with a couple in Napa valley. And that pops up when you do a simple Google image search of “Putin” and “Horse.” I’d hate to see what happens when you replace “Horse” with “Young boy.” Anyway, the New York Times blog piqued my curiosity about Chatroulette.

So on a Saturday night I was at a friend’s house and we logged on.

It’s a social website that allows one user to be connected with another user via webcam, but the person you connect with is not up to you. If you’re unimpressed with the person you see, you can just hit “Next” and another face will pop up. Because Chatroulette was imagined and executed by a 17 year-old Russian kid named Andrey Ternovskiy, which means the site was created with some perverted shit in mind.

Anyway, this New York Times writer logged onto Chatroulette with his wife and they watched a series of webcams, somehow avoiding all the good shit. I mean, not to hate on Russians, but look at their Prime Minister: Case closed.

They allow you to chat face to face with strangers are popping up all over the web.

Some of these websites are purely meant for video chatting, but they serve as the perfect platform for people looking for something else.

My friend Rob’s verdict was, “This is better than the Constant Gardener.” Which is what we would have been watching had it not been for the fatfuck stroking his micropenis in front of us.

Soon, Chatroulette is going to get wiped off the internet because it shows humans at their rawest form.

The idea is you will find a girl willing to sex chat with you.