Furthermore, you can ask him, his wants about what he wants his girl to wear every night in his bed.

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The main question arises is how you will make him come over you and fall for you again and again.

To help you girls out, we have listed the dirty questions to ask a guy you like and these will definitely going to help you in winning his heart.

Ask him what a sexy woman means to her and in that way you can get to know about him.

Another amazing way for is asking him on which body part he loves to get a touch from his girl.

One of the best ways of asking the dirty questions from a guy is to pop out everything abruptly, while hugging or cuddling.

It is obvious that you want your guy to join you in your dirty talks and try to put a word ‘sexy’ to set him in a mood.

Because if you will show your anxious feeling, then it might ruin everything.

Having a dirty or sexual conversations with your guy or girl is quite interesting as well as is important for clearing all the doubts between two people.

Asking this question will definitely blow him up and he will be full mood and action.