These are the minimum steps to have premium completed and working.

As the camera takes photos the images will be uploaded and stored on your Go Wireless Account for 30 days.

Using the Camera Diagnostics Menu: Verify that your camera is activated, can reach the internet and talk to the server using the following steps:.

This is not an issue with Go Wireless but a normal part of internet security on the part of Google and other email processors to keep your account safe. You will recieve an email stating that an application or person has tried to access your account.

Since the camera is sending the email the response is returned to the camera.

For example, if you configure the Google gmail smtp options using Lite, then emails are delivered to your email client or phone from Google Gmail servers, not the Go Wireless email server. In order to start using the Auto or Lite option, you will need to have already contracted for cellular service and activated your camera.

Get your camera properly configured to test the Auto or Lite service: Note: With gmail and other email services you are likley to have this problem. When you first use gmail in your camera, Google will typically block your access.

The Camera Diagnostics Menu Options: Important: Each of these tests require an activated camera that has signal.

All of the tests but Hello Test requires some configuration to complete with success.

Our server will attempt to detect this issue and send a notification email to the configured Account Email.

Thus, you may receive an email from our server with the following Google gmail error response or something similar: In order to allow the camera to use your gmail account you will have to follow a series of steps to enable other applications (or less secure apps) to use your gmail account.

It can also mean that the web server may not be available.