“I never do.” While cultivation is contributing to the nation’s dire water crisis.

Ancient Romans nicknamed Yemen “Happy Arabia,” thanks to the country’s booming trade.

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Last week, al-Ahmar tribesmen attacked Saleh’s presidential palace, killing seven and seriously wounding Saleh, who was whisked off to Saudi Arabia last weekend for medical treatment. This is a shadowy, poorly reported war that is hopelessly complicated by the fact that al-Qaeda operatives are taking advantage of the chaos in Yemen right now by mingling with other rebels and anti-government militants. Saleh is expected to return to Sana’a next week, according the Yemeni Embassy in D. If and when he does, the future of Yemen will depend to a large degree on whether or not he’s willing to step down, make peace with the al-Ahmar family, and allow for a transition of power.

If he’s not, we may very well watch this beautiful, long-teetering country finally tip.

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In Spring of 2010, Haley Sweetland Edwards took us on a tour of Yemen for the Spinning the Globe section of mental_floss magazine. This youth movement was, and has continued to be, entirely peaceful.

But in 2007, the government began a disarmament campaign that required weapons to be registered. Today, most Yemenis buy their weapons on the black market with relative ease.

The government also made it illegal to carry firearms in major cities, such as the capital of Sana’a.

In the countryside, particularly in places where there are long-standing tribal feuds, men often shop for vegetables, visit neighbors, and drink tea, all with their AK-47s in tow.

Until recently, men could buy weapons easily at massive arms markets scattered around Yemen.

* * * * * Yemen is one of the most heavily armed nations in the world.

Some studies have indicated that there are as many as 17 million guns in the country and that about 75 percent of the male population packs heat.

Still, it’s common to see young boys playing in the streets of Sana’a with plastic toy AK-47s slung over their backs.