The survey asked Muslims around the world if they considered a range of behaviors to be morally wrong, morally acceptable or not a moral issue.

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In nearly every country surveyed, at least half of Muslims say an individual’s morality is linked to belief in God.

This is true especially in the countries surveyed in Southeast Asia, where more than nine-in-ten Muslims say it is necessary to believe in God to be a moral person.

This view is almost universal in Thailand (nearly 100%), Cameroon (98%) and Kenya (97%).

In only four of the countries where this question was asked do as many as one-in-ten Muslims say suicide is morally acceptable.

However, in 11 of the 37 countries where this question was asked, at least one-in-ten say that drinking alcohol morally acceptable, including in Chad (23%), Mozambique (20%), the Democratic Republic of the Congo (17%) and Bosnia-Herzegovina (16%).

In addition, in some countries sizable percentages say consuming alcohol is not a moral issue.

The differences are particularly large in Russia ( 40 percentage points), Lebanon ( 39), Kosovo ( 23) and Bosnia-Herzegovina ( 22).

On this question, there are no consistent differences by age or gender across the countries surveyed.

Most Muslims surveyed say that drinking alcohol is morally wrong.