The first Chinese community was established in Liverpool and the city still boasts the oldest Chinatown in Europe.

The Great Famine in Ireland increased the Irish population of the city considerably, and at points in the 19th century, as much as 25% of the population were of Irish descent.

The UK’s first provincial airport was built in Liverpool’s county, and the buildings erected during this time are ambitious and decadent, embodying the optimistic spirit of the city.

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The famous Grand National Horse Race takes place in the outskirts of the city (Aintree).

It is also home to two association football clubs, Liverpool and Everton, which are both amongst the most successful British football clubs.

Due to its location on the western coast of England, Liverpool developed a strong maritime presence as it grew.

It was named after Liuerpul, the town established in 1190 in the same location.

Prior to the 17th century, the population remained relatively small; under 500, in fact.

But with the launching of the first slave ship, industry and population started growing and didn’t stop until 300 years later.

Liverpool is a major city in Merseyside, England, famed for culture, football teams, The Beatles and buzzing nightlife.

It lies within the historic county boundaries of Lancashire.

Liverpool is a large, vibrant city with great cultural heritage and was awarded the title of European Capital of Culture 2008, with the famous Pier Head Waterfront being a UNESCO World Heritage site since 2004.