One somewhat hysterical Vanity Fair article recently claimed that sites like Tinder have brought on a “dating apocalypse,” with young men and women meeting online, getting together for sex, then never talking again.

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“What does he care how many brothers and sisters you have or what your childhood was like if all he wants to do is get you in bed?

” You know someone’s looking for a quickie if he calls or texts you at 8 p.m., says he’s in the area and wants to meet in an hour.

A promising relationship often begins with emails, progresses to phone calls, and then — after you’ve learned a little (or even a lot) about each other — culminates in a date.

“Someone who’s just interested in hooking up is probably not going to spend time getting to know you,” says Wodtke.

The landscape has changed too, with the advent of Internet dating, chat rooms, and concepts like “friends with benefits.” Whether you’re interested in casual sex or a serious relationship, it helps to know what your date is thinking.

We polled the relationship experts for clues that your date or date-to-be has only one thing in mind—and it’s not a long-term relationship.After all, the best way to beat long odds is to take lots of chances, and even for older users, dating sites provide millions of romantic options.It’s an all-too-common trope: Online dating has made casual sex easy but relationships hard.ou’re suddenly single after years of marriage, and you’re wondering how you will navigate the murky waters of modern dating—especially when it comes to sex.You may discover that the rules have changed or, more to the point, there really are no rules.“This person may ask for a photo that shows your entire body, rather than being satisfied with a head shot,” observes Maryann Karinch, co-author of This should go without saying, but for the sake of those rusty souls who haven’t been on a date since 1979: Someone who talks sexy wants to have sex, whether it’s in emails, on the phone, or face-to-face. Also proceed with caution if your date is eager to share sexual histories or obsess on particular body parts, says relationship expert Nili Sachs (