Everyone always talks about the lack of women in tech—and I can’t argue with the statistics. These days, there are more resources than ever to help women break into the technology industry.Let’s explore some of the awesome places where women and girls can learn to code (oftentimes at little or no cost! It’s broken down into three sections: intensive bootcamps, classes and workshops, and coding for girls under 18.Location: UK Upcoming events: You can find out more information on their event page here. (But it sounds like a really cool group; I wish I had this option when I was in college!

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The standard option is taught in the evenings for six to eight weeks.

You could also choose a summer-intensive option, which packs the learning into only four weeks.

Table of Contents Website: Course: Software development Price: Free Duration: Seven months of intensive in-class instruction, followed by five months of internship (one year total) Location: Seattle, WA Ada is a long-term females-only developer academy lasting a full year.

The first six months take place in a full-time classroom setting, while the latter six months involve on-the-ground training.

Hackbright also has a full-time Software Engineering Fellowship that combines both front-end and back-end learning.

However, Hackbright’s courses will cost you a pretty penny.It is a sponsor-supported initiative, with many big-name contributors, including Amazon, Zillow, EMC, and others.At Ada, you learn Ruby, Rails, HTML and CSS, Java Script, Git, and Source Control.UK-based Codebar offers free weekly coding workshops for those under-represented in the tech industry—catering primarily towards women and LGBTQ communities.Their London and Brighton events typically gather 20-30 women per week to engage in free one-on-one or one-on-two mentoring in HTML, CSS, and Javascript.(So, if you choose the latter, you save .) Their individual classes are 5 apiece.