Unlike their male counterparts they cannot do manual work.

Cyber sex girls on ps3-2

A boom in cheap internet access has opened up a whole generation to potential abuse and even sites considered relatively safe, such as Facebook, have become a global grooming ground.

With poverty still rife in much of the country, many young women view cyber sex as an “easy” option.

To see those tiny little children, backs to the camera, hunched over screaming while they pounded the floor was utterly heartbreaking.

And it proved that in order to save these poor girls, we need to do a lot more than simply remove them from the predatory situation.

Two years ago, the profile of a 10-year-old Filipino girl called Sweetie appeared online.

In less than two months, the little girl was contacted by more 20,000 predators from all over the world who wanted her to perform sexual acts over a webcam in exchange for money.Amazingly, sometimes the children are taken without their parents knowing but sometimes it's actually the parents who are selling their children off for easy money.The attitude, says leading Filipino journalist Ana Santos, is "they're going to get f**ed anyway, they might as well get f**ked for money." While we all know that desperation can sometimes cause people to do inhumane things, some of the cases in this film are impossible to comprehend.The most harrowing scenes Stacey witnessed, however, came from inside a refuge for rescued abuse victims.Classes run by an abuse survivor encourage the girls to express their anger.What they didn't know was that Sweetie wasn't real.