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The White House said the conversation lasted four minutes. has enacted severe sanctions on Russia over its aggressive behaviour in Ukraine and has sought unsuccessfully to persuade Moscow to stop intervening in Syria's civil war to help prop up Syrian President Bashar Assad. Before boarding Air Force One for the flight to Washington, Obama planned to answer questions from the journalists who accompanied him to Greece, Germany and Peru.

President Barack Obama, behind left, shakes hands with Russia's President Vladimir Putin at the opening session of the Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation (APEC) in Lima, Peru, Sunday, Nov. (APEC press office via AP) LIMA, Peru -- President Barack Obama spoke briefly with Russian President Vladimir Putin about Syria and Ukraine on Sunday as an economic summit got under way in Peru, in their first known conversation since Donald Trump was elected the next U. They stood off to the side together momentarily with aides close by before shaking hands and then taking their seats around a table. But Congress is unlikely to ratify the deal, dealing a blow to Obama's once high hopes of having the agreement become part of his presidential legacy. Trudeau said he's invited President-elect Donald Trump to visit Canada soon after Inauguration Day and hopes to welcome him to Canada.

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