The 19m of Neolithic deposits are seminal for our understanding of key developments in Neolithic life from the domestication of cattle and the adoption of a settled way of living, to the invention of pottery and metallurgy, and the appearance of long-distance trade.

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A shorter, late Neolithic sequence, is being undertaken in collaboration with Professor Arkadiusz Marciniak (Poznań University, Poland), with funding from the Polish Academy of Sciences.

A new analysis of the buildings and spaces revealed by the 1960s excavations is being undertaken, using a series of unpublished, large-scale plans from the 1960s excavations which were kindly lent to the project by the excavator, Professor James Mellaart, shortly before his death.

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What Bayesian statistics give us is the human time in the middle – generations, lifetimes, ‘that time that granny told me about when she was a girl’ – and the ability to create narratives of people in the past.

I am currently actively involved in a number of major research projects: This is a large-scale and long-term research project to provide a generational-scale chronology for the internationally important tell at Çatalhöyük, Turkey, which has been at the heart of discussions of Neolithic lifeways for more than 50 years.

I combine disparate strands of evidence --- stratigraphy, typology, seriation, lithology, radiocarbon dates, coin dates, and many others – in formal, Bayesian statistical models.

Chronology is fundamental to our understanding of the past.

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