Gaga performed the song on the ninth season of American Idol and has performed it on all dates of The Monster Ball Tour.The song was also included on her 2012–13 tour The Born This Way Ball, as well as on her 2014 tour, Art Rave: The Artpop Ball.

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/At this point I've got to choose/Nothing to lose." By the end of the song, the three protagonists – Alejandro, Fernando, and Roberto – are bidden farewell by Gaga.

According to the sheet music published at by Sony/ATV Music Publishing, the song is set in the time signature of common time, with a moderate tempo of 99 beats per minute.

It is composed in the key of B minor with Gaga's vocal range spanning from F The lyrics talk about Gaga defending herself against a group of Latin men and has a number of ABBA allusions, including a reference to their 1976 song "Fernando", which Gaga cited as one of her influences.

The Boston Globe's James Reed also gave a negative review of the song, writing that it is "a tepid dance track in which she trills the song's title over and over again as if she had nothing better to say." Lindsey Fortier from Billboard compared it to Ace of Base's "Don't Turn Around" and ABBA's "Fernando", adding that: "By the song's end, Alejandro, Fernando and Roberto aren't the only ones sent packing—the listener is dancing out right behind them".

Co-written and produced by herself and Red One, the song inspired by her "Fear of Men Monster", the lyrics portray Gaga bidding farewell to her lovers. Contemporary critics predominantly gave "Alejandro" positive reviews and noted that it takes influence from the pop acts ABBA, Ace of Base and Madonna.

The song charted in the United Kingdom and Hungary due to digital sales following the album's release.

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The music video was controversial and received mixed reviews.