I took some cable ties I had i my tool bag and tied her wrists to the bed post.I had my way with her fucking her good and hard she squirted a few times, I then lifted her legs and put my knees under ass and stuck my dick in her ass.

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I stood up and took my clothes off while she wanted to put her nightie on I told her to stop because we are not done.

She looked at my dick and asked what are you gonna do? I got on top of her as she laid there I guided my cock into her she was pushing my chest and saying STOP! I inserted my dick and again she collapsed on her back and said " OHHHHHH IT FEELS SO GOOD!

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I then let go of her arm and started to rub her pussy and that's when I heard her MOAN! She replied"You are my nephew how can I enjoy this" I told her to relax and let it happen.

She began moaning loud as I fingered her wet hairy pussy to climax. i pried her legs open and put my mouth on her pussy and started licking.

She told to me to hurry and get my things and leave. I then jumped on top of her and pinned her arms down and started to suck on her tits. Well I thought I have started this I might as will finish and go all the way with this.

She stopped resisting and laid there in bed while I was sucking and biting her tits.

I started to go down on her and that's when she clamped her legs together and said NO MORE! Her body collapsed as her back arched and she began to moan again.

I was eating,licking,sucking,nibbling,biting every inch of her pussy lips and the hole and all.

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